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The Legal, Secretarial and Compliance Department of SFS Group provides a range of services with a backbone of years of experience. We provide our services drawing from our intimate knowledge and understanding of this industry and do so at the highest levels of professionalism, diligence and responsibility. Our team brings a broad perspective, depth of insight and practical approach to the provision of services, having spent considerable time in the capital market regulatory body in Cyprus and in private practice. Our hands-on experience and expertise in the areas we provide our services, given that the same services are also provided to SFS Group companies, gives us a significant advantage in the core capabilities that are critical to advising and effectively supporting firms operating, and managing emerging regulatory and enforcement challenges. Our team is always kept abreast with the developments in the areas of its services.

We offer services in:
Company Administration
  • Opening bank accounts and handling of the subsequent applications and paperwork;
  • Handling correspondence with third parties;
  • Arranging for nominee directors and/or shareholders;
  • Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work where necessary;
  • Arranging for registration of trademarks or trade names;
  • Arranging for assistance from other professionals where necessary;

Corporate Secretarial

  • Maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company;
  • Maintaining in safe custody the common seal of the company;
  • Preparing shareholders’ meetings and directors’ meetings (drafting of agendas and any resolutions), attending the meetings and drafting the minutes thereof;
  • Preparing and filing the companies’ annual returns;
  • Issuing and safekeeping of share certificates;
  • Arranging for legalisation and certification of documents;
  • Preparing and filing any amendments in the companies’ share capital;
  • Assisting in the compliance of the companies’ Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as any shareholder agreements;
  • Communicating with the Registrar of Companies for all necessary submissions of forms and requests for certificates;
Local Compliance and Regulatory Advice
  • Advice to companies listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange;
  • Advice to Investment Firms regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission on compliance issues, including advice on the implementation of new regulatory requirements;
  • Communicating with the Cyprus Stock Exchange and the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission on clients’ behalf;
  • Provision of templates pertaining to the compliance of companies listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange;
License to provide Investment Services: Support and Advice to Applicants
This is a specialized service which necessitates an excellent knowledge of the Investment Firms’ (‘IF’) regulatory framework in Cyprus. Our team is engaged on a continuous basis in supporting and advising our group’s investment firm and this has equipped us with an in-depth understanding of regulatory policy and process and its impact on our clients and their business. We are, therefore, well placed in providing advice to interested parties on financial, structural, human resources and compliance requirements in obtaining a license to provide investment services and achieving compliance with the continuous and other obligations of IFs in Cyprus.
Training on Regulated Services
Conducting seminars and presentations on a range of matters, such as:
  • The MIFID related legislation and directives, the provision of services by IFs and their regulatory obligations;
  • Market Abuse legislation and Directives and obligations of listed companies, directors and related persons;
  • Anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorist financing obligations on customer due diligence and other matters;
For more information please contact:
Mr. Nicos Pavlides
Manager - Legal, Secretarial and Compliance Department of SFS Group
Tel: (+357) 22 554200
Fax: (+357) 22 554455
Ellinas House, 6 Theotoki Street
P.O.Box 22379,
1521 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +357 22 554 200
Fax: +357 22 433 038
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