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SFS Ledra Properties ( is niche-market real estate investment company; its real estate portfolio includes properties in the historical city centre of Nicosia, also known as the “Within the Walls” city centre due to the surrounding 16th century Venetian walls. Current investment portfolio includes over a 100 real estate properties in the “Within the walls” old city centre of Nicosia, providing a unique and highly differentiated investment proposition.

The old city centre of Nicosia is one of the few in the European Union that remains undeveloped. It is also one of the few to have its 16th century Venetian Walls, a prime example of medieval defence engineering, surrounding the historical city core intact, thus representing a historical landmark for the city. SFS Ledra Properties is the largest private real estate single owner in the “Within the Walls” city and the third largest owner following the Cyprus Government and the Church of Cyprus.

Investment portfolio includes both listed and unlisted properties; listed properties refer to properties that have been registered by the Municipality of Nicosia as having a historical and architectural heritage interest and value, and as such they are eligible for substantial incentives/grants from the Government and the Municipality for their restoration.

For more information please contact:
Tel: 77 77 70 87 (for Cyprus)
Tel: (+357) 22 669111 (for international)
Fax: (+357) 22 667444
Ellinas House, 6 Theotoki Street
P.O.Box 22379,
1521 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +357 22 554 200
Fax: +357 22 433 038
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