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CAREERS - Application Process
At SFS Group Public Company Limited (‘SFS Group’) we recruit the best people whose values and beliefs match the SFS Group Culture. To us these are equally important as the skills and knowledge you bring to SFS Group.

To help you understand our recruitment process and to ensure you know what to expect, here is an outline of the typical stages that a successful applicant will progress through.

Application: Candidates interested in working at SFS Group must apply for a specific vacancy advertised in the local newspapers, and/or posted on our Job Vacancies section on our website.

First Interview: Candidates who advanced to this stage of the process will be contacted by the Human Resources Department (‘HRD’) to arrange the first interview. The direct supervisor of the position and a representative of the HRD usually conduct the first interview. The purpose of this interview is to get an overview of the candidate to assess his/her “fit” with SFS Group Culture and to review the candidate's past experiences and accomplishments.

Second Interview:
Candidates who advanced to this stage of the process will be invited for a second interview. The direct supervisor, the head of the department, and/or the SFS Group Executive Director usually conduct the second interview depending on the level of the position. This interview is more technical during which the interviewers assess the skills and knowledge of the candidate relevant to the position.

Job Offer:
The successful candidate will be offered the opportunity to join our team. This offer will be typically made by phone and confirmed with a job offer letter. The successful candidate will be asked to sign an employment contract on the first day of employment.

Résumé Tips: An effective résumé describes your education and experience in relation to the job you are applying for. Your résumé is a written snapshot that should clearly support your career goal.
  • Personal Information: Name, address, email address, and phone number(s). Include area codes;
  • Objective: Optional component. If used, this should be a one-line description of position or type of position desired;
  • Education: Name of college or university, degree received, years attended or projected graduation date, or dates of attendance if a degree was not complete;
  • Experience/Work History: Paid, volunteer. Emphasize duties, responsibilities, internships, part-time, skills, abilities and accomplishments appropriate to the position for which you're applying. Note the job title, employing organization, and dates of employment;
  • Skills/ Abilities/ Activities: Foreign languages, computer skills, office skills, professional associations, and/or transferable skills not mentioned elsewhere in the resume;
  • References: Do not put your references on your résumé. At most, indicate that references are available on request.
Interviewing Tips:
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare:
Before your interview try to find out as much as possible about SFS Group and the position you are applying for. Check out Departments and learn about the different business units. Visit href="/ourgroup/Overview.aspx">Our Group for further information on SFS Group; Prepare a list of questions to help you determine whether the position you are applying for is the right for you; Practice your responses to specific questions. It will give you confidence and make you feel more at ease; Try to be specific to your answers and to the point; Feel free to ask questions. The interview is an opportunity to get information about the industry and the company.

Attire: First impressions are extremely important and your attire is the first thing an interviewer will notice. As a rule of the thumb always dress as you expect your interviewers to be dressed. Avoid flashy or revealing garments and stick to conservative colours (dark blue, black, grey). Make sure that your clothes are pressed and your shoes are clean. If you are not certain about the dress code ask.

Be on time: Always plan to arrive at an interview ten minutes early. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and collect your thoughts. Whether you are a seasoned professional or fresh out of university, job interviews are always stressful. Try to relax and mentally review your answers to possible questions you may be asked. Last but not least arriving early will show that you value other people's time and you are punctual with your appointments.

What you may be asked at an interview:
What do you know about SFS Group?
What do you know about the industry and why are you interested in it?
Why did you choose our company to interview with?
What are the most important thinks to you in a job?
What motivates you?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Are you entrepreneurial? Give an example.
How do you work in a team? Give an example.
Are you creative? Give an example.
Why do you think you are qualified for this position?
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