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CAREERS - Departments - Real Estate
The Real Estate Department ( “RED”) is responsible for improving and enhancing the real estate portfolio of SFS Group Public Company Limited (‘SFS Group’) in order to maximize the value of the assets held. SFS Group’s portfolio comprises of land bank, rented (income generating) properties, own-use properties (properties used by different SFS Group’s companies) and development projects. Amongst others, the main operations of the RED include:
  • Buy and sell group properties in accordance with the strategy put in place at different periods and market circumstances;
  • Project manage Real Estate Development Projects;
  • Renovation and maintenance of SFS Group’s properties;
  • Day to day management of the SFS Group’s properties including rented and own use properties;
  • Market analysis and recommendations to the Board of Directors assisting to the strategy of SFS Group in different time periods.
A member of the property department may get involved with the following areas: 
  • Decision making for sales and acquisitions of SFS Group’s property portfolio;
  • Renovation and maintenance of existing properties that are rented out. This involves project management, contacts with planning and other authorities, drafting planning applications, meeting with civil servants and planning authorities for negotiations, co-coordinating architects, engineers and other professional stuff, selection of construction material and finishes;
  • Day to day management of SFS Group’s rented properties (new rentals and renewals, drafting rental agreements, rent collection, rent review negotiations, maximization of occupancy, maintenance, sorting tenant problems, monitoring of property tax);
  • Co-coordinating and liaising with external property professional advisors for the purpose of annual audit accounts and bank loans;
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors on SFS Group’s current property position and recommending actions required in order to maximize the value of the portfolio, given the market circumstances at the time;
  • Negotiating with insurance companies for the insurance of the property portfolio;
  • Supervision and follow up of the property development projects.
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