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1. What stock exchange does SFS Group  trade on and what is its ticker symbol?
SFS Group trades on the Alternative Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol [SFS].

2. As an individual investor where can I find information on the financial services that SFS Group offers?
Detailed information about SFS Group’s financial services may be found in Capital Markets.

3. How can I obtain information on SFS Group’s latest financial results?
The financial results of SFS Group can be found in Financial Reports. A hard copy can be obtained by contacting +357 22 554306, or by sending an email to the Investor Relations Officer at

4. I need contact information for:
SFS Group’s headquarters operator: (+357) 22 554200
Financial services customer service: (+357) 77 772255
SFS Ledra Properties: (+357) 22 669111
Investor relations: (+357) 22 554306

5. Is SFS Group mainly a financial services company?
No, SFS Group is a diversified group of companies which is actively involved in Shipping, Real Estate and Private Equity.

6. What are SFS Group’s main sources of revenue?
A breakdown in revenue analysis for the last five years can be found in Financial Highlights.

7. What are SFS Group’s plans and strategies for the future?
Excellent sources of information are the Financial Reports.

8. What are some key facts about the Cyprus Stock Exchange (‘CSE’)?
The CSE started its operations as a legal entity in the form of a public corporation body on the 29th of March of 1996. The CSE is an Exchange regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, where all transactions concerning corporate and public securities are carried out. More information on the CSE can be found at

9. What is SFS Group’s fiscal year?
SFS Group’s fiscal year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

10. What is your timetable for results announcements in the future?
• SFS Group publicises its annual financial report as soon as possible and at the latest within four (4) months after the end of each financial year.
• SFS Group publicises as soon as possible a half-yearly financial report covering the first six months of the financial year (un-audited results) and at the latest within two months after the end of the first six months of the financial year.
• SFS Group publicises an interim management statement during both six months periods of the financial year. The interim management statement is prepared and published in a period between ten (10) weeks after the beginning and six (6) weeks before the end of the relevant six-month period (un-audited results).

11. What kind of risks is the SFS Group exposed to?
Information about SFS Group’s risks can be found in the latest Annual  Financial Report.

12. When and where was SFS Group incorporated?
SFS Group Public Company Limited (formerly ‘Sharelink Financial Services Limited’) was incorporated in February 1998 in Nicosia, Cyprus as a private company that acquired all the share capital of Share Link Securities Ltd, AAA United Stockbrokers Ltd and Share Link Asset Management Ltd from its founders.

13. When did SFS Group become a public company?
In April 1999, SFS Group became a public company. It listed its shares on the Cyprus Stock Exchange in July 1999 and trades since then under the ticker symbol [SFS]. SFS Group has been part of the FTSE/CySE20 Index since its inception back in 2001 and it currently trades in the Alternative Market.

14. Where can I find information about SFS Group’s history?
Highlights from our company's history can be found in section History.

15. Where can I find recent presentations about SFS Group?
Recent presentations can be found in section Presentations.

16. Where can I get employment information at SFS Group?
Details can be found in our Careers section.

17. Where can I obtain historical financial information for SFS Group?
Historical financial information for SFS Group can be found in section  Financial Reports. For any other financial information, please contact Antonis Mitilineos, Group Financial Controller and Investor Relations Officer.

18. Who are SFS Group’s independent auditors?
Ellinas House, 6 Theotoki Street
P.O.Box 22379,
1521 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +357 22 554 200
Fax: +357 22 433 038
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