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OUR GROUP - Corporate Social Responsibility
The objective of our corporate responsibility approach is to fulfill our social responsibility obligations without compromising our values in the activities that we do.
SFS Group governing principles are at the heart of everything we do and being socially responsible is, therefore, about living those values. We aim to create a balance between the development of opportunities with our customers; stimulating and rewarding our staff; working with and supporting our local communities; and sustaining the environment in which we operate.

Among others, below is a list of recent public social contributions of SFS Group:

Annual Financial Journalism Competition

SFS Group established this particular competition, acknowledging the significant role economic journalists play in informing and educating Cypriot readers on matters that concern the economy.
The appointed committee evaluated the reportages based on their integrity (argumentation, adequate analysis and information on the subject-matter), innovation, quality and language expression clarity.

University of Nicosia - Student Recognition Awards Ceremony

Young people are tomorrow’s leaders and thus SFS Group believes that it is particularly important to invest in Education.
SFS Group was the sponsor of the Student Recognition Awards Ceremony of University of Nicosia for the B.Sc in Communication graduate of class 2010, awarding the student with the highest grade.
The Chairman & CEO of SFS Group, Mr. Christodoulos Ellinas, attended the Awards Ceremony that took place on 15th July 2010 and gave out the price award of €500 to the winner, Mr. George Panayiotou.

Blood Donation

‘Blood is the magic potion that gives life to another person’. In urgent situations, blood donated saves lives.
SFS Group is socially responsible and actively committed in blood donation for the decade. SFS Group in coordination with the Blood Donation Centre of the Ministry of Health is organizing twice a year a blood donation event at SFS Group’s office premises to give the opportunity to its staff members to donate blood.
SFS Group will continue to maintain its commitment in blood donation.

Spring Historic Car Rally & Rotary Charity Event

21st of March 2010
SFS Group co-sponsored the Historic Car Charity Rally (the ‘Rally’) organized by the Rotary Club of Nicosia (Ledra) (‘RC’), on Sunday, 21st of March 2010.
The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Congenital Heart Disorder. The Rally was conducted under the official rules of FIVA with the only exception that of the participation of Modern cars.

Overall, 70 crews participated out of which 10 from RC. The participants covered 93 km along a picturesque route passing by the villages of Kambia, Kapedes, Kataliontas, Analiontas, Lithrodontas, Lefkara, Ay. Minas, Kato Drys, Chirokitia, Tochni and finishing at Governor’s Beach.
22nd of March 2009
SFS Group co-sponsored the Spring Historic Car Rally & Rotary Charity Event, held on Sunday, 22nd of March 2009, at the Acropolis Park. The event was organized by the Friends of Cyprus Historic and Old Cars (FIPA) of the Cyprus Car Association in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Nicosia (Ledra).

Mr. George Ioannides (FIPA Vice President and President of Rotary Club Nicosia-Ledra) was the overall coordinator of the event.

All the proceeds were donated to the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Heart Disease.

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs

SFS Group was one of the main sponsors of the annual dinner of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs. The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs (formerly the Research Center – Intercollege) has established itself as a pioneering and innovative think-tank and research institution through the quality of its work and its contribution to society and public debate in Cyprus and beyond.
The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs organized on the 18th of March 2009, in Nicosia, a formal dinner during which the Professor of History at the Catholic University of America, Jerry Z. Muller, was the main speaker of the event with the subject, “Ethnic vs. Civic Nationalism in Biethnic and Multiethnic States”.
Prof. Jerry Z. Muller is very well known for his multidimensional writing chare and apart from historical issues he went deeply into philosophical and political issues.

Cyprus International Institute for the Environment and Public Health in Association with Harvard School of Public Health

SFS Group was the main sponsor of the Regional Open Lecture with the subject, “Winning Cancer through Research on Innovative Biologic Therapies”, which was held on 2nd of July 2008, at the main headquarters of Bank of Cyprus in Ayia Paraskevi, Nicosia.
The speakers, Professors Canellos and Chabner, described the recent breakthroughs in cancer treatment and gave a fresh insight into the research process that result into promising discoveries. The discussion was coordinated by Prof. of Epidemiology Dr. A. Zavras, Director of Cancer Research and Control, at the Environment and Public Health in association with Harvard School of Public Health.
The Open Lecture was under the auspices of the First Lady Mrs. Elsi Christofia, spouse of H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus and Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre. Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre was the co-organizer of the Regional Open Lecture.

George M Mavrikios’ Foundation

SFS Group is one of the sponsors of the George M Mavrikios’ Foundation, a nonprofit organization for Road Safety Research, Education and for the Prevention & Reduction of Road Accidents. The foundation aims to increase road safety awareness at an island-wide level. The philosophy behind the foundation is to develop initiatives that will approach the problem of road safety.
In June 2010, the Foundation conducted the European Road Safety Program "Module Close To" which was held in military camps for the training of Cypriots soldiers regarding the awareness for the road safety.
In February 2009, the Foundation produced the road safety song ‘oniro miso’ and it was published at high schools & universities with the aim to organize Road Safety Concerts and distribute road safety related gifts and leaflets.
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